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Florinz is a shareholder of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monshaat)

Signing an agreement with the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce

Florinz cooperated with the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce on May 20, 2022, so a cooperation agreement was concluded between Florinz Company, represented by the CEO, Ms. Hoda Al-Masry, with the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, represented by the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Professor Hashim Saleh, in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, based on building a training system within a project A place to train pilgrims and Umrah performers in 23 different countries and establish systems that serve the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. In return, introducing Florinz Company to the Malaysian market and the presence of members of Florinz Company in the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. An agreement was concluded and the training system began, demonstrating its success and ability to achieve the goal.

Our participation in the Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition 2021

Mecca Expo

Makkah Hotels and Restaurants Expo focuses on developing the hospitality sector in the Kingdom, as exhibitors display their latest innovations, business ideas, trends and technologies for the hospitality industry. The exhibition attracts numerous hoteliers, restaurateurs, retailers, investors, consultants, and buyers and serves as a vital platform for buyers to gain business opportunities and bring together stakeholders in the hospitality sector under one roof. In cooperation with the Makkah Chamber of Commerce, Florinz was, as usual, the first to conclude a marketing partnership with the exhibition that was held at the Makkah Center for Exhibitions and Events.

Florinz is a Marketing Partner at Gulfood Dubai 2023

In the process of leading the process of innovation and change, in February 2023, Florinz was the Florinz marketing partner for the 28th edition of Gulfood, where the exhibition was a link that brought together the food and beverage communities around the world under one roof, as it served as a starting point for industry trends and constituted a global force with influence in the field. Supply. Joined by more than 5,000 companies from over 120 countries, some of the most prominent industry leaders, and the world’s greatest chefs.

Florinz’s participation in Saudi Food Expo

Saudi Food Expo is the largest and largest exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was held in Riyadh and Florinz was a marketing and media sponsor.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Food Exhibition is a pioneering exhibition that combines marketing and sales, which makes it an unusual and important experience as the growing hotel and restaurants, valued at $54 billion, enter to expand to new scopes and work to develop their regional sales.

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