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Florinz Cloud Solutions

Your Customer Journey From Start to End

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Increase Your Profitability With Florinz Solutions

QR Code

One QR for each branch of your store that you provide to your customers, allowing them to interact on all systems through one enjoyable interface.


A brief overview of the dashboard for effective systems within the barcode of your store.


Your balance of messages remaining in your account.


Integrated and comprehensive reports for each branch.

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We make you closer to success through our Integrated Solutions

We give you the most powerful interactive marketing solutions that give you distinctive modern interfaces that make customers more satisfied and loyal to you

Intelligent Cloud Systems
24/7 Technical Support
Developed Management of Branches and Authorities
Real-time Reports and Analysis
Simulates Your Identity

Florinz enables you to reach new customers and maintain your existing ones via its Cloud Sloutions

Our experience in the Saudi market was our main motivation to bring together these tools in one environment to create a set of solutions to increase the interaction of your customers with your businesses

Customer Loyalty System

Our loyalty system offers a range of tools to reward and retain customers, and foster long-term relationships with them. It works through features such as points-based systems, points stores, coupons and discounts, and database creation, and you can also design custom loyalty programs that meet the unique requirements of your establishments.

Spin Wheel System

The Spin Wheel system gives you the opportunity to add fun and happiness to your customers, gain their loyalty and trust, and obtain their personal data in a fun and simple way.

Digital Menu System

The digital menu system adds a modern touch to your facility that pleases customers more through an attractive display of what you offer. It also saves time by instantly modifying its content in addition to saving recurring printing costs.

Prize Evaluation system

Our evaluation system ensures that you maintain your current customers, attract new customers, and provide them with rewards and discounts in exchange for filling out the questionnaire or evaluating your facilities on Google Maps, which helps you create targeted marketing campaigns for them.

Promotion System

The promotion system is characterized by its high ability to attract new customers based on your loyal customers, turning them into the first marketer, by nominating more of their friends in exchange for earning rewards and discounts.

Florinz systems ensure that you obtain huge data for your customers quickly and with high accuracy, which enables you later to re-target them in different marketing campaigns and provide the best offers, prizes, and rewards.

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Your Customer Journey From Start to End

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