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Stand out among your competitors and add a modern touch to your Business through our Digital Menu System

Your menu is now in everyone’s hands through Florinz’s digital menu.
Let your customer enjoy the ordering process from your digital menu by scanning the QR code and ordering directly from your store.

Our System Features

Our digital menu adds a modern touch to your facility that pleases customers more through an attractive display of what you offer. It also saves time by instantly modifying its content in addition to saving recurring printing costs.

Ease of Setup

It only takes a few minutes to set up your own digital menu and specify the names, prices and photos of the items you offer. As for paper lists, you need a designer and a printing press.

Built-in Interactive Elements

The ability to add interactive elements such as distinctive labels for each item, order rates, and information for each item.

Instant Adjustment

Variant names and prices on your digital menu can be customized anytime you want and will change automatically with just clicks. Paper menus need to be redesigned and printed.

Self-order Menu

Let your customer enjoy the self-ordering process by scanning the QR code and ordering directly from your store.

24/7 Technical Support

Florinz provides you with integrated technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure ease of operation and solve all problems you may encounter.

Arabic and English Languages

Our system supports both Arabic and English, which suits all segments of your customers and makes you spread more widely among customers.

Support all Devices

All digital menus in Menu Florinz have an adaptive design and size that allows easy viewing and use of the digital menu perfectly on all devices.

Simulates Your Identity

You can design your own menu system with the ability to add all the elements and colors of your identity in order to spread it more widely among your customers when they use your store’s menu.

Be Unique Among Your Competitors

Make your store digital now by subscribing to our Florinz digital menu system.

Our Clients Reviews

Thank you for your beautiful program. We benefited from it excellently and collected the greatest amount of information for our customers. Thank you, Florenz, and thank you to her always cooperative team.

Mr. Osama Al-KalthamiMarketing Supervisor at Al-Ustaz Restaurant

I thank you for your kind efforts and virtually unlimited cooperation, one of the best companies we have cooperated with. I received beautiful after-sales service, and I especially thank the customer service department. Thank you, Florinz team.

Mr. Faisal Abdullah Saleh Al-GhafiriIndian Style Restaurants - Kushina - Salman Khan

I extend my thanks and appreciation to Florinz Company for the sincerity and seriousness of cooperation that we have witnessed from you, which confirms the dedication to customer service to reach the highest levels of complete satisfaction with your systems.

Mrs. Kamar ZiadMarketing Director - Fooodi Company

Many thanks to all those responsible for the Florenz program. The Florenz program helped us with many things that distracted us, and it is like a mini marketing department. I believe it is necessary for all restaurants and businesses.

Mr. Adnan AzhariMarketing Manager - Talbinah

Increase your profitability with Florinz Systems

Contact our team and get a demo of our cloud systems specifically designed to match the needs of your facilities, without any obligation.

  • Fill out the application and one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours to set up your trial version.
  • During the first meeting, you will receive complete details on our systems, and an expert will help you determine what is most suitable for your field of work.
  • The cost is determined according to your business needs.